Playseat® Challenge + Thrustmaster T150RS (EU ONLY)

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Playseat® Challenge + Thrustmaster T150RS (EU ONLY)

This discount bundle includes:

  • Playseat® Challenge
  • Thrustmaster T150RS wheel and pedal set
Experience how fun and realistic racing can be with the Playseat® Challenge + Thrustmaster T150RS! It's a combination of the Playseat® Challenge racing simulator and Thrustmaster T150RS wheel and pedal set, with a big discount! 

Playseat® Challenge

Experience how fun and realistic racing at home can be with Playseat® Challenge!

Challenge your opponents with the Playseat® Challenge! This seat is very compact, stable and adjustable. Thanks to its unique foldable design, it uses little space when not in use, so you can store it easily, for example in a wardrobe or under a bed. Ideal for people who have little space, but want a fun, realistic racing experience!

The Playseat® Challenge is highly adjustable, so it is suitable for both children and adults. The seating is coated with Alcantara, the material they use in real race cars!

Step up your racing game with Playseat® Challenge!

Thrustmaster T150RS wheel and pedals

Racing sim fans will love the wheel’s responsive and silent Force Feedback, for enhanced immersion in games — with sensations incredibly close to real-world conditions.

The T150 has been created with different types of drivers in mind: its ergonomic design and the range of technologies incorporated into the wheel make it totally adaptable to all racing game styles (Rally, F1, NASCAR and even GT).  The wheel can make up to three full rotations, for an unprecedented level of control at every turn. The wide-ranging rotation angle offered by the T150 (from 270° to 1080°) lets all virtual drivers be as precise as possible, in any type of race.

The Force Feedback incorporated into the T150 (PS4/PC) and TMX (Xbox One/PC) racing wheels is very adaptable, with a variety of power adjustment options. This highly-responsive Force Feedback on the wheel lets virtual drivers maneuver with all the precision they need to constantly improve their performance in games.

The racing wheel comes with a 2-pedal pedal set that works efficiently in all circumstances.

Most important features Playseat® Challenge + Thrustmaster T150RS (EU ONLY)

  • Unique foldable design
  • Realistic cockpit
  • Highly adjustable
  • Superior build quality and materials
  • Very stable and comfortable
  • Compatible with all steering wheels and pedals currently available, including Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec
  • Playseat® Challenge + Thrustmaster T150RS compatible with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC
  • Set up in several seconds
  • Easy to clean


  • Dimenions (LxWxH): 136x54x96 cm / 53.5x21.5x37.8 inches
  • Weight: 9 kg / 19.84 lbs


Playseat® Challenge + Thrustmaster T150 RS


  • Playseat® Challenge + Thrustmaster T150 RS
  • Playseat® Challenge + Thrustmaster T150 RS

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